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You see them all across America, unannounced, uninvited, unsponsored, and underfunded; seizing the time and minds of the masses, from coast to coast and nation to nation on university campuses, at events and in the streets. Outdoor, open air preachers boldly proclaiming the Gospel, carrying the same kinds of signs and banners, wearing bold, clearly-read Christian t-shirts. Their numbers seem to be growing with each passing year, with no apparent way of stopping them. Who are these men and women and what is their motivation? The book Blood answers these questions and gives some fascinating insight into how one man came to be an open-air preacher. This just may be the most unusual and compelling book you have ever picked up to read. It will challenge your thinking on issues you will never hear talked about within the traditional church. Get ready for an intense ride.

A great book on street preaching from BIBLE JIM WEBBER

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Chapter 10  Special Weapons: "Tough Love"   This chapter more clearly teaches what Biblical love is all about . Hint: Salt and Light!

Chapter 11  "Response": Battle Expectations  This chapter deals with the response to expect when one is faithful to present the unvarnished Word of God.

Chapter 12  The "Real" Christian Life and Battle  In this chapter we detail the Biblical definition of what it really means to be a practicing Christian.

Chapter 13   Motivations for Service: Love  In this, and the next three chapters, we will present what God has given us to motivate our service in His Kingdom. We begin with Jesus' commandments described in Mat. 22:37- 39.  

Chapter 14  Motivations: The Fear of God   This clear Biblical motivation and "relationship" with our Commander is virtually nonexistent in our Christian culture today.  

A valuable resource from Bro. Paul Mitchell written for the Street Preacher available FREE online HERE

“Journal of a Street Preacher” is the account of a street preacher for the Lord Jesus Christ, openly opposing wickedness, aggressively advancing righteousness, against the godless grain of 21st century culture. Narrated with Biblical candor and political-incorrectness, the diary depicts the dissonance derived from publicly preaching Christ’s Gospel in a society satanically seduced by Moral Subjectivism, and Religious Relativism. Chronicling toe to toe, jaw to jaw, “combat evangelism”, with drunkards on the beaches of Florida, among assailing anti-Christs in European streets, and with the demonic denizens of Hell, “Journal of a Street Preacher” lurches you, at light speed, through the moonless midnight of immoral modernity, granting you a glimpse of your world and your life, for which you may not be prepared.

Michael Venyah was a pioneer of a campus ministry at Mississippi State University; a street preacher on college campus, in churches, on the streets, at public events, nationwide - Michael has also obeyed Christ’s Call, overseas, as a missionary in Ghana and Nigeria, West Africa (2002), the Bahamas (2003), Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Europe (2005), and India (2006).

Currently, Michael and his family are preparing to resume a 64-campus, 27-state, 15,600-mile preaching itineration on universities across the United States. 

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If a Christian employs satire today, he is almost immediately called to account for his "unbiblical" behavior. Yet Scripture shows that the central point of some religious controversies is to give offense. When Christ was confronted with ecclesiastical obstinacy and other forms of arrogance, he showed us a godly pattern for giving offense. In every controversey, godliness and wisdom (or the lack of them) are to be determined by careful appeal to the Scriptures and not to the fact of people having taken offense. Perhaps they ought to have taken offense, and perhaps someone ought to have endeavoured to give it.

This is a great book for the Campus Preacher!

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Who Will Rise Up, 3rd edition, by Bro Jed Smock

The autobiography of Bro Jed's conversion from a socialist professor of U.S. History to a campus evangelist.  This book separates the man from the caricature, yet adds to the legend. It is a must read for everyone, especially college students.

The mind-set of the typical college professor is to either ignore or ridicule and discredit the Christian faith. Searching for an excuse to rebel against God, I quickly fell for the lies of my University of Florida teachers. I swallowed the theory of evolution, gulped down secular humanism and slurped in socialism.

The students that I met who named the name of Christ hardened me in my unbelief. With their mouths they spoke of much faith but with their lives they said, "Jesus is not alive" and "No truth in Christianity." There was the "fundamentalist" freshman whom I met at a dorm beer bash. He spent the rest of the quarter taking me to movies, parties and, yes, trying to get me to pray the "sinner's prayer." I thought, "He is living the same kind of life that I am. What has Christ done for him?"

Another great book for the Campus Preacher!

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Have you discovered "Hell's Best Kept Secret?" One pastor listened to it 250 times. Pastor Bob Rogers said, "I have served as a local pastor, Teen Challenge Director, Crusade Director for David Wilkerson, and missionary, but never during those years did I encounter an evangelist with a more life-changing message." It's been called "the hottest message on the planet!"
(this is not about "Hell") What are you waiting for...

Why do so many new believers backslide? Doesnt the Bible tell us how to bring sinners to true repentance? If so, where has the church missed it? Ray Comfort boldly breaks away from current tradition and calls for a return to biblical evangelism. This radical approach could be the missing dimension needed to win our generation to Christ.

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Are you ready for eternity? If so, are you helping others get ready for that journey into eternity that each of us must take? As believers, we all know we should tell others about the Lord, but we often don’t know how. This practical book will give you ideas for starting conversations, examples of witnessing situations, and answers to common questions, to help encourage, challenge, and equip you to reach both friends and strangers for Jesus the rest of your life!


Evangelist, author, speaker and OPEN AIR preacher....Mark Cahill

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How Saved Are We?

by Michael L Brown

About this title: This volume clearly challenges us to question our born-again experience if we feel no call to personal sacrifice, separation from the world, and the hatred of sin. It will create in you the desire to live a life truly dedicated to God.

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Well, wouldn't you like to know? A contemporary and slightly wacky book that draws from the ancient, sometimes unusual wisdom of the 12 Minor Prophets. Filled with humor, clever design elements, and recurring gimmicks (such as the Nabal Awards), each chapter will target one human tendency, action or activity that hurts or disappoints God aka "ticks him off." The authors show how He responds to our negative actions and attitudes, and suggest remedies to avoid the consequences. Driven by the themes and characters of the Minor Prophets, the book has a solid Biblical foundation.

Great book for those hecklers who think that SIN is okay with God...NOT!

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25 Years of Fighting the Devil

Bro. James Lyman's personal account of how Jesus Christ saved Him from the deception of the Mormon Cult and then from the neoevangelical message of easy believism. Bro. Lyman was called to preach in the open air, reproving and rebuking a hypocritical and wayward people of their many transgressions against the Lord of Glory and His Word.


Evangelist, author, speaker and OPEN AIR preacher....Bro. James Lyman

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Harassing Hell

The ancestry roots of Evangelist Mitchell S. Metzger lie deep in the Schwaben Barbarian Tribes of Germany, a stubborn group of tough warriors that caused the legions of Julius Caesar no end of harassment and trouble! With this type of heritage, it makes the destiny and calling of Metzger in the 21st Century even more significant: To harass and trouble the "legions of hell" through seeing the Kingdom of God, through Jesus Christ, established on Earth.
Offering over two decades of Christian evangelistic, open-air, public preaching and free speech experience in 15 countries and 50 States, including serving with Honor in the U.S. Marine Corps, Mitch will both challenge and equip you in fulfilling God's purposes through your life!
After five years in the writing, Mitch's book is a direct punch in the jaw of modern-day wimpy evangelism! You cannot read this book and still be convinced that "Open-Air Public Preaching" is just not used or does not work anymore today! Every excuse you've ever had to NOT PREACH OUTDOORS OPENLY IN PUBLIC is annihilated through the use of Scripture, History, and Personal Experience.

YWAM Phillippines director, Evangelist, author, speaker and OPEN AIR preacher....Bro. Mitch Metzgerl

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