Security was very tight in Los Angeles tonight at the Emmys (thanks to Muhammad and ilk), as L.A.P.D. made sure those TV idols were safe  No one could be the sidewalk around the Shrine but the Lord gave us a great location as we stood right next to where the limos lined up  Brothers Paul, Rod, Dale and myself stood before hundreds of black limos that filtered by us going about 2 MPH on this two lane limo traffic jam with CBS/NBC/HBO/ABC, etc signs  For three hours we stood and preached and warned the players of Hollywood of sin and the remedy.

The names a faces I could not match nor know, as some drove by with their nose up, others laughed and pointed, with others wanting to yell something at us and one even wanted to give me a glass of wine 

For public figures, it is my testimony that most mock God as any sinner would on the street/campus/event 



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Once again many pictures were taken and not of the famed on the red carpet, but us preaching at them. Everyone wants pictures of these celebrities but these TV Celebes have us preaching to them on their cell phone or personal cameras from within the limo. Go figure, Gods Word will not return void!

I had a 5 minute interview where I was asked why we felt we must preach to these people  Many do well for the community and world, help and donate much for mankind. I replied these are good and noble actions but none will get them saved, I pointed out their miserable lives of marriage, divorcee, fornication, drugs, alcohol, rehab, suicide as the cycle continues  Rarely does a Hollywood marriage survive without adultery or booze and drugs. And t those that consider these people superstars, what’s wrong with them. The real stars are found in the Bible, men and women that lived holy for God, THERE IS YOUR ICON. And your new word for today Hollywood is tvdolatry


The lover of sin award goes to...whole limo full of blond idolets that kept yelling 'We love sin, yea sin!'

The winner of the judge not award goes to our own local news man Eric Spillman from KTLA News that had to continue yelling from his limo window stop judging!

The winner for the best conversation was from Adrian Grenier of entourage after he videoed taped us for a few minutes he asked me why he should be saved? And after my response he drove off saying I’ll take hell!