Hollywood Preaching - Preaching the message of repentance to all men everywhere irrespective of their wealth, fame, politics or religious beliefs, we go into the highwaysand hedges to compel them to repent of their sins and trust in the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ!


Preaching to pop stars - Since I live in LA I am able to preach at many of the big events that go on out here every year. The Lord has strategically placed me in this area so that I can take advantage of my close proximity to these big events in order to preach the Word of God unto the LOST, Hellbound sinners of the modern age. All of the pop stars, Hollywood elite, television and movie stars and their fans will have the chance to hear the Word of the Lord broadcast to them over the TRUTH HORN every time they show up for one of their highly pagan and self congratulatory events!





Preaching at the 2008 DNC
DNC Preach

Preaching in front of the Mass. State Capitol
The Boston Preach Party

Preaching to the Superbowl crowds.
Superbowl Preaching

mormon temple

The Mormon Cult Headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am compelled to preach to the poor, deceived Mormons twice a year. They don't like it but the God of the Bible has commanded me to preach the truth to these LOST souls.

kentucky derby

Church Hill Downs Horse Race Preaching. Every year, at the Kentucky Derby, I am compelled by God to deliver a stinging rebuke to the drunken gamblers and high stakes rollers who come to party.

Gays Behind the Ball


These are the kind of people want you to shut up and surrender.


I would recommend that you take the message of repentance to any AIDS walk going on in your area. These people may think that they are doing the "right" thing when in reality they are only supporting the expansion and acceptance of perversion and debauchery. God calls homo sex an Abomination, it is something that causes extreme disgust and revulsion to the heart of God!


Everytime the Pope comes to America I am called out of the bullpen to let the papist know that the Pope is not the vicar of Christ, that Mary worship is an abomination, that the Catholic church is not preaching salvation by grace alone but sacremental salvation which cannot save. The Catholic church is deceiving millions of souls with their false doctrines and sending millions to Hell with a false gospel.