2 Teen Deaths Spark Revivals in Kentucky & Florida: ‘You Never Expect Him to Move This Big’

Updated: November 17, 2023 at 2:15 pm EST  See Comments

The untimely death of two Christian teenagers – one in Somerset, Kentucky, and the other in Palatka, Florida – has led to  revival movements among their separate communities. Residents say the teens’ faith has been a “catalyst” to bring about a move of God.

In late September, 16-year-old Baylee Holbrook was out hunting with her father, Matthew Holbrook, in Putnam County, Florida, when lightning glanced off a nearby tree.

The event left the pair unconscious. When Matthew awoke he saw that his daughter was not breathing and began to administer CPR.

The frantic dad also called 911 and his daughter was rushed to the hospital. On social media he urged everyone he knew to pray. 

“Pray for my baby. Every single person put your knees on the ground and pray,” he wrote. 

Hundreds joined in prayer, but the young girl passed on to eternity. 

Baylee’s sudden death rocked her community, but God wasn’t done with her story. Her testimony would soon draw many to Christ.

Those who knew her best described her as a young girl passionately pursuing God and making Him known.

“Baylee had text groups and would send Bible verses. She also invited them to church,” Willie McKinnon III,

The remainder of this article is available in its entirety at CBN

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