‘Beautiful Blessings’: Couple Adopts Frozen Embryos, Delivers Twins as IVF Ethical Debate Heats Up

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Millions of couples deal with infertility and more are turning to science in the hope of growing their families. The latest U.S. statistics show that in 2021, in vitro fertilization resulted in the births of more than 86,000 or two percent of babies nationwide. 

Amidst growing debate over IVF, a lesser-known option called embryo adoption is also gaining ground.

For ten years Rodney and Mary Leah Miller struggled to have a family.

“Attempt after attempt, negative pregnancy test after negative pregnancy test, you begin to wonder, will this ever happen for us,” Mary Leah told CBN News.

That question led the Alabama couple to undergo several rounds of in vitro fertilization which all failed.  

Then in May of 2020, friends told them about embryo adoption, a process that involves a woman receiving one or several donated frozen embryos. 

“We’ll never forget,” Rodney said. “They were very familiar with our journey and had some friends who had just had a daughter via embryo adoption. We had a new sense of hope that we hadn’t experienced in a long time, and we had not given up hope during our journey. We both just had a peace about us and were very confident that

The remainder of this article is available in its entirety at CBN

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