Network Warfare: Never Before Have The Warmongers of the Past Had the Entire World Potentially at Their Mercy

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This article was originally published by Rhoda Wilson at the Daily Exposé.

We are in a challenging time where our nations, free markets, culture, and human rights are under attack.  The threats we face include physical assaults like warfare, as well as more abstract dangers such as censorship, surveillance, and economic warfare.

Network warfare has changed the game immenselyit has become a global civil war. Network warfare uses information technology and computer systems to disrupt or disable, as well as to gather intelligence and conduct information operations. 

This form of warfare is total and unrestricted, encompassing all aspects of participation in society.  The distinction between military and civilian targets is blurred and people are increasingly under attack from various powerful forces of which the key players are groups of wealthy “elites” who have accrued wealth and power that rivals nations.

We all have the ability and are given the opportunity to either escalate it or be a “peacemaker.”  After reading the article below by Gabriel, choose for yourself what role you are playing and what role you would like to play.

By Gabriel

For those interested in preserving our nations, free markets, culture, or even basic human rights, we are in an outright harrowing time.

Many of these challenges are direct physical assaults, like warfare, but there is also a wide variety of abstract dangers. Such as censorship, surveillance, economic warfare, or disaster capitalism.

Governments battle against their people for control over policy, and against mega-corporations for control over the public.

Families, communities, and even entire nations are stuck in the crossfire of larger plans without clear allies to depend on.

Marshall McLuhan’s quote has become a tired cliche these days as more and more people recognize that vast swaths of humanity are under attack from seemingly every direction.


The remainder of this article is available in its entirety at SHTF Plan

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