No ‘Smoking Gun,’ but Evidence from 5-Year Investigation into Havana Syndrome Points to Russia

Updated: April 2, 2024 at 2:15 pm EST  See Comments

WASHINGTON, D.C. – New questions are circulating about Russia and the mysterious affliction known as Havana Syndrome. 

For years many suspected China as the culprit behind the mysterious attacks that have left U.S. officials with health issues like nausea, severe headaches, seizures, and even blindness. But after a five-year investigation, a CBS News team from 60 Minutes, says all evidence points to a Russian intelligence unit. 

“This does sort of feel like the kind of thing that’s not out of the scope of the possible with Russia in particular,” said Michael O’Hanlon, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. 

According to CBS News, producers obtained a document linking an elite Russian intelligence unit to acoustic energy weapon testing, and they report proof that a suspected member of that group was in Tbilisi, Georgia at the same time Americans there complained of Havana Syndrome effects.

“It’s an attempt to sort of cleverly put pressure on competitors, or to make people fear Russia in some other way, to remind the world that Russia can reach its tentacles far and wide. Or maybe it’s just the Russian intelligence agency a little bit out of control,” O’Hanlon speculated. 

He says the weapon believed to be

The remainder of this article is available in its entirety at CBN

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