One Health Agenda Is Medical Tyranny

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The ruling classes of the world have come up with a devious agenda called “One Health” that would further enslave the planet under food and medicine tyranny.

The One Health agenda is a  “sick twist,” to quote the Brownstone Institute’s Tracy Thurman, on the age-old adage “Let your food be your medicine,” One Health is a full-scale assault on food, medicine, and life itself. It will hand control over everything that sustains health to globalist eugenicists who want to cull the world’s population.

Is any of this a coincidence?

The Overhyped Threat of a Human Bird Flu Pandemic is a Hoax to “Reset” Our Food System

According to Thurman, the plan is to remove all control over food and medicine from the common man. “Doctors” will write people grocery prescriptions and will even control which dietary supplements the slave class will need.

“Mull over what the elites are actively eliminating from the food supply, as well as the food-adjacent substances they are adding,” Thurman suggests as a starting point for understanding what One Health entails.

“Consider the brainwashing of most doctors during Covid, and their refusal to recommend basic health supplements, sunshine, Vitamin D, or effective early treatment, instead leaving their patients at the mercy of remdesivir, ventilators, and mRNA shots. If you don’t love the idea of cricket meal and vaccine lettuce prescriptions, this agenda should raise your eyebrows.”

“When you consider the explicit Malthusian beliefs of the globalists, such an idea carries untold risk,” Thurman warns. “The managers of society clearly believe that the planet’s ecosystems would benefit from a reduction in the number of peasants, and this new health paradigm allows them to factor that dogma into the decision of whether you deserve life-saving care, the right to opt out of vaccination, the right to real, natural

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