A question I get asked often is if baptism is necessary for salvation?

“He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned”

Mark 16:16

Water baptism is not a condition to salvation, it is a token of you salvation.  Remember the thief on the cross was never baptized and Jesus said to him “To day shalt thou be with me in paradise”

I do advise believers to get water baptized, not for salvation reasons but as a token of that salvation. Much like a ring on your finger is a token of your marriage.

We do our baptisms at the beach as all baptisms in the Bible were done in a public place.  John the Baptist baptized people in the Jordan River not inside a building once every other month where you bring a fresh set of clothes to wear after or wear white robes when baptized.  John’s baptism was done in public and after the dunking you walked around wet and a public confession that you were baptized. 

In Acts chapter 8 we find Philip baptizing a eunuch in public not inside a building. 

When I baptize someone at the beach as a token of their salvation, I invite them to confess their sins out loud (John did this when he baptized people) and as I dunk them into the water (that will symbolize the old man being dead) and I use the name of Jesus.

I then bring them up from the water (that will symbolize being a born again and free from your sin) and this is done with the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. 

When we baptize someone, we will preach Jesus to anyone on the beach and acknowledge what we are doing and if they would like to be baptized, then walk into the water and get baptized. 

I do not believe in babies getting baptized, as the cathoilcs sprinkle them with water.  Children have NO need to be baptized as Jesus said regarding them “for such is the kingdom of God” (Lk.18:16).  Only adults were baptized into water not with drops.