These are a few open air preachers who have gone to be with the Lord.  Their faith Is now reality.

Brother Jed Smock who preached at universities in every state for decades

Brother Adrian Gutierrez from Las Vegas and he let his light shine brighter than the casinos

Brother Darrel Hall who was faithful preaching in Hawaii

Brother JR from North Carolina who was faithful in his home town and traveled nationwide

Sister Pat from Ohio who loved to peach on the campuses across the U.S.

Brother Rod Brown who was faithful in California, and traveled nationwide 

Brother Paul who pastored a Church in the French Quarter and preached on Bourbon Street with a cross.

Brother Robert was raised in Washington State and street preached in Africa

Brother Frank from Illinois who traveled nationwide and preach Bible on campus

Brother Zack from Atlanta who would pass out tracts, hold a sign and street preached

Brother Bruce from Pennsylvania who preached big events nationwide

Brother David Hance from upstate New York, who specialized in preaching to the Mormons

Brother Geno ‘the preaching machine’ from New York 

Brother Rene raised banners in France

Brother Holy Hubert Lindsay who started preaching on campus in the 1960’s

Brother Preacher Ray from Portland OR 

Brother Paul de Parrie, was a man who spoke for the unborn

Brother Willey Killgore who was faithful in Seattle 

Brother Tom Gibford from Nevada where he would travel and preach Jesus 

Brother Wallace Tope Jr who was put to death when preached to the looters during the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles

Brother Max Lynch from Indiana who was faithful on college campuses

Brother Dean from Arizona who traveled and preached large events

 “A good name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one’s birth”

Ecclesiastes 7:1