Are we associated with Westboro Baptist Church?

I knew Fred Phelps personally for years where he had stood with us at a number of events nationwide.  Once I was arrested and sitting in a jail cell for a couple days and Fred call my home as asked my wife if he needs legal counsel and if needed he would fly into tat city and get me out of jail. 

I worked with Fred for years and we did not agree on many things nut after Fred was ill and died his daughter took over and she did things I cannot work with.  I once saw her a large event and when I walked by she and the Church sang a song for me.  On how Ruben Israel is a liar and going to burn in hell.

Here are a few reasons why I differ from WBC.

Westboro Baptist Church believes a homosexual can never be saved.

I believe they can be saved and delivered from that sin.

Westboro Baptist Church believes that Jesus did not die for everyone

I believe Jesus Christ was on that cross bled and for everyone 

Westboro Baptist Church use the word fag often 

I will rarely use that word and will never print it on my banners or signs. I use ‘sodomite’ when I address them.

Westboro Baptist Church believes this sin is why God will judge America

I believe there are many sins that will cause a judgment in the land and sodomites are just one of many. The first pride parade was June 28, 1970 and over 50 years later America stands, proves to be a weak argument. 

Westboro Baptist Church is a one theme Church

I just do not preach against homosexuals but abortion, Islam, the Catholic Church, drunkenness, fornication, idolatry in ball games, music, TV, witchcraft and politics, along with many other sins that will hinder our nation.

Westboro Baptist Church believes in burning our American flag.

I resent such and I am proud to be an America, even with all its flaws 

Westboro Baptist Church believes in protesting outside of funerals,

I did not I preach to sinners living in their sin and let dead people bury dead sinners

“Jesus said unto him, Let the dead bury their dead: but go thou and preach the kingdom of God”

Luke 9:60

Westboro Baptist Church believes they are persecuted for their stand against homosexually 

I believe they have brought much of this on themselves and this is their motive. 

Westboro Baptist Church believes in protesting 

I believe in preaching, I am not a protester 

Westboro Baptist Church believes God hates fags.

I do believe God hates sinners but not just sodomites, He hates the proud, those that shed innocent blood and the worker of iniquity, NOT just the sin of Sodom.  

Westboro Baptist Church are 5 point Calvinist 

I believe God gave you a free will and you were not ordained to burn in hellfire

Westboro Baptist Church believes in protesting the funerals of our beloved military.  This is the very reason we have that free speech because of those men and women that died for that freedom. To that I salute them.  We should never forget we live in a country where people are willing to die to get in and people die to keep us safe.

‘The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is its natural manure.’  

Thomas Jefferson (Paris, 1787)  

I observe ‘Memorial Day’ ‘4th of July’ and ‘Veterans Day’ with thankfulness 

Westboro Baptist Church believes all wars are because the sin of sodomy

I do not believe that.

“A time to love, And a time to hate; A time of war, And a time of peace”

Westboro Baptist Church believes you should not vote

I believe we should vote, own a weapon if you are not a felon exercise free speech and free press. If you wish to see how blessed we are in America go to another Country and preach Jesus on a street corner.  You will come back and kiss the ground you slander.

Westboro Baptist Church believes they are only way to heaven and how they protest should be observed by everyone.

I believe street preaching is one of many ways to promote the God of the Bible as we are one body with many parts.  That should work together.