IF ever you wish to preach to the Mormon Church, you can get more bang-for-your-buck if you do it during their General Conference twice a year. The first weekend of every April and the first weekend in October, thousands of Mormons come to Salt Lake City to hear from their Apostles and Prophet.  

So IF you wish to come to their house and knock on their door that is the time to do it.

Mormons DO NOT have the same God we do and if you do not know what they believe, watch this interview with John Heinerman a high priest in the Salt Lake City Temple.  It is amazing what they believe. 

Mormon Interview (Full Interview)

When we first started coming to Salt Lake we had many free speech issued with the city. This was a David and Goliath fight, as the government was in bed with the Church, the police department was in bed with the Church and the media was in bed with the Church.  

And a motley crew of street preachers fought for that free speech. It was very difficult to even find an attorney to fight for us.  We had a patent attorney volunteer and we taught him free speech.

Every time we came to Sat Lake the city made new laws and those laws were argued for that freedom on the sidewalk.  The LDS Church even bought a section of Main Street so we could not get near the Temple.  That area was now private property, to better understand click the links below.

Mormons Hate Free Speech

Rubens Testimony on Mormon Main Street

Because we were well known in Salt Lake, a Mormon producer did a film on myself and this was in a number of theaters in Utah.  The name of the movie was call ‘Us And Them’

This was a hit within the Mormon community, that the largest Mormon magazine that’s worldwide put myself on the front cover.  This ‘LDS Living’ has had articles on non Mormons but NEVER had a non Mormon on the front cover.  And the first to do that was a street preacher that is well known for preaching against the great LDS Church.

Much news stories and articles were written, even front cover in another Salt Lake magazine and LIFE Magazine did an article as well. 

This was the producer and I on the early morning news stations in Salt Lake City

The Prophet exhorted the Mormons not to talk with us on the sidewalk.  We would not only speak against the Church but their doctrine and I would wave their holy underwear while I preached at them.  Many were offended but I reminded them that THEY wear it, I just wave it.

After being featured on LDS Living many wanted to talk with me, that opened the door to many conversations.

High priest John Heinerman would stand next to me on the sidewalk showing the magazine to those walking by that they should and listen.

Here is an interesting photo. This is an ex-Muslim who remembers me from Dearborn and it was what I preached that made him question Islam. Unfortunately, he is now a Mormon, so I spend some time with him telling him the truth about the LDS Church.

It has been an interesting ride preaching in Salt Lake City to the religious as I also preach at their gay pride parade and am even allowed to walk the route with police around us.

At the end of the day, it’s religious people that can harm you, SEE BIBLE FOR DETAILS.  When you speak against their god, their books, their doctrine, their leaders get ready for an uphill fight….not to mention if said religion is in bed with the city. 

Remember it was religious people that killed the Prophets, John the Baptist, Jesus and 10 of the Apostles, not drunks, atheists or sodomites.

When you speak against another religion know your information.  For example, you may quote Joseph Smith and say it’s in the book of Mormon….when it’s in the Pearl of Great Price or the D&C.  You can rebuke a Muslim and say it’s in the koran but it’s really found in the Hadith.

When we preach to religious people we do not go there to find middle ground with them, we are they to expose they have another god than the God of the Bible.  See Jeremiah 23 and Matthew 23 for details on how to preach against religious sinners.

When you think of Mormons, you may think family. They seem to have solid families compared to other religions.  The link below is another interview I had with the high priest in that Salt Lake Temple.  Joseph Smith’s family was not godly.

Interview With A Mormon Part 2, Marriage