Guess who would NOT be a guest speaker at most Churches today?

Would John the Baptist be allowed in most Baptist Churches today?

Just by how he was dressed or with his long hair he just might be asked to leave, let alone given a chance to speak. He offended other religions and must learn not to speak against the government’s personal life in public. John would hear the back side of the door from both the liberal and legalistic Baptist Churches today. 

Would John Westly be invited to speak at a Methodist Church today?

Would Jonathan Edwards who wrote ‘Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God’ recognize the Presbyterian Church today?

Would Peter be acknowledged in many Churches today or what would Paul have written to Churches in America?

I don’t think Peter would be pleased with the Catholics who have turned him into the pope and made graven images of him to kiss and worship. As this happened to him in Acts when they tried to worship him and he said “Stand up; I myself also am a man” (Acts 10:26). Think of all the Churches that have his name, people that named their children after him or those who have had hands laid on them thinking they are modern day Peters. Yet live nothing up to that name, let alone die like that name. Peter would not be acknowledged by many Churches today to teach.

What about Paul, would He be given the pulpit in today’s Church?

After causing a riot in the streets the night before in town, after being arrested and beaten. Do you think this man with cuts on his face, a bruised body, and clothes that had dried blood on him would speak on prosperity and abundance? Most of the Epistles Paul reproved the Church of sin in the camp and after his first chapter of Romans, he would not tolerate the sin of sodomy. Paul will most likely be given the right foot of fellowship for being a radical and not wanting harmony.

The Old Testament saints would not be allowed in Churches today either, even though their graves get polished often and their books are read from the pulpit as a great story or a lesson to be learned. But if these men walked into their building, they would keep them away from the microphone, because these guys have been known to be rude and crude.

Isaiah would not be allowed based in his dress code as he was known for preaching barefooted and nude, then we have a person like Ezekiel did some very odd things in public and he was known for his bad breath because of what God told him to eat and if we allow Elijah to speak that will only get the government involved and that might remove their 501c3 status, as he is so anti-government. Jeremiah, spent too many times preaching outside the Temple and what he said outside was offensive enough, no telling what he will say inside, he is a wildcard. Remember this Noah guy, well he preaches too much on righteousness and he has a reputation that no one gets saved when he preaches.

Malachi would not be allowed inside those sacred four walls today, as he had preached to the priests that God will curse them and “spread dung upon your faces” and this would not be considered of God, he is moved by the flesh and not the Spirit. Then we have Moses, well he is not be a very gifted speaker as he has issues with communicating words and he will only want to take over the whole Church. He is liken to a dictator as he gives too many “thou shalt not’s” and we know that we need to be more positive today not added stress.

Would Jesus be allowed in Churches today?

Think that’s an odd question, well in the book of Revelation He spoke to seven Churches in Asia and warned them all of removing their light and to overcome, as He told five of them to Repent. Remember He was the same guy that was angry in Temple when He healed someone and another time whipped everyone out from the Temple, so He did not do to well inside of religious buildings. Now if He was given the pulpit something tells me He would not teach on grace and forgiveness to the Church and something tells me He would not even be recognized. Perhaps our Lord would make another whip and overturn tables inside most religious buildings that have His Name, including Christian book stores as they have made God’s word into a den of modern day thieves. 

The Gospels teach that Jesus took 2 of John the Baptist disciples after He was baptized and if that would happen in any Church today, the Pastor would accuse that person of ‘sheep stealing’ and causing division among a unified Church. Then there is an issue of Jesus calling a woman a ‘dog’, the king a ‘fox’ and the religious people of His day ‘vipers’ ‘fools’ ‘blind guides’ ‘evil’ ‘hypocrites’ ‘murderers’ ‘serpents’ and being of their ‘father the devil.’ He also called His own disciples ‘faithless’ and ‘evil’ not to mention judging entire generations by calling them ‘faithless’ ‘adulteress’ ‘vipers’ ‘evil’ ‘wicked’ ‘perverse’ and ‘sinful.’ That is way to judgmental.

Would Jesus be allowed in Churches today?

I’m sure you have seen the lovely painting of Jesus knocking on the door and we are told He Is knocking on the door of our hearts. Well, I hate to burst your bubble but that was Jesus OUTSIDE a Church in the book of Revelation and He wanted in (Rev. 3:14-22). This was a Church that believed in Him, they read about Him, they talked about Him, sang songs to Him and even prayed in His name….yet He was outside wanting in, banging on the door.

IF context means anything, He was knocking on that door, not the heart to get the unsaved saved but the saved saved.