We believe that Jesus Christ is the ultimate truth and seek to share the gospel every day. By providing in-depth analysis and coverage of the times we live in, we awaken others. We focus on events that impact you, your life, and your soul. The Official Street Preachers provides broadcasting and reporting that covers global and local events from a Christian perspective.

We offer an Unlimited section of our website because we want to help you on your journey of finding and understanding the world and how it effects you, your family, and your friends.

The latest events around the world leave all of us with so many questions, and those questions need to be addressed, plain and simple.

However, the problem lies in the type of information produced around the world. For so long the mainstream media has indoctrinated people to run from report to report; never truly stopping and thinking about what is going on, so instead of investigating such events it becomes a stimuli to the nervous system and the brain.

Without truly engaging in the problems, and taking a step back, there is no real awakening, which is why so many fall back asleep. We seek to change this. We believe in exposing the lies, corruption, science, evolution, technology, the Illuminati, the New World Order, Satan, the hidden hands, etc.

The way the mainstream media reports information is in itself a form of brainwashing because there is only a surface effect with a subconscious consequence. Those effects are felt and seen all around the world today.

Our unlimited content seeks to bridge the gap between news and research, where current events meet investigative journalism, and where true history is unveiled. You won’t find the exclusive reports we offer anywhere else on the web!

For the past few years, The Official Street Preachers has blazed the truth all across the world on sites like YouTube and Facebook. We are hard at work day in and day out making sure you stay informed on what matters most.

Your trusted source for the latest information wants you to take the opportunity at hand, take the time available, and truly understand what is going on around the world. Think more, truly awaken, and see what is actually there.

Time is of the essence, our busy lives are systematically programmed to keep us ill-informed on what’s going on around the world, and that’s why these unlimited movies, reports, interviews, and broadcasts are right for you.

As the world rapidly continues to spin out of control, one thing is becoming painstakingly clear, your time is vital. This is why we optimized all of our movies so you can access them on every device, anytime, and anywhere. Coming soon also is the ability to download any of our future films.

The age we live in is like no other in history. Prophecy is being fulfilled right before our eyes, and the elite are making moves all across the globe to begin the New World Order. You need to understand what’s going on around the world and what’s on the world stage.

In this Illuminati controlled world, almost every single person is struggling to get by. Whether they be wealthy or poor, it is nearly a guarantee that there is some form of an economic situation going on, which is why our membership prices are designed to work for everyone.

In this world, it is vital we all come to the same understanding that we must help one and other; and stand united against the front of total tyranny and slavery.

The corporate entities of the world are tracking our every move, no we are not exaggerating. To them we the people are their sales and their marketing campaigns. Which is why we now offer our members virtually no advertising, directly after signing up and logging in no ads will be displayed to you, and no tracking codes from Google ads or any other ad providers will track you.

We take privacy seriously, that is why we don’t use Google analytics, or any other invasive program to track you, we use strictly our own privacy conscious software, piwik, which is located on our servers, all of your data that we keep is anonymized. We will under NO CIRCUMSTANCES ever sell or give your data to anything, or anyone. We encourage you to use privacy conscious browsers, as well as “do not track” software, and Virtual Private Networks. Our information is behind an SSL certificate for encryption and our site is loaded with security features to protect you and your information. No, we do not store credit card information, our main payment gateway is Stripe, and our other is paypal.

The times are changing, sign up today, become a member of The Official Street Preachers to gain access to all of our movies, reports, and so much more.

Our subscribers mean the world to us, you are not just a number or a sale or a marketing campaign. Our subscribers are how this ministry and business “keeps the lights on.” All while your subscription enables you to learn more, think deeper, and expand your knowledge.

Thank you for contributing to this business and ministry by signing up today!

If you still have questions, below the pricing table are a set of reviews from some of our current members.

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