$490 Million Given To Ukraine Has Been Embezzled Or Stolen

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According to politician Mikhail Bondar, Criminal proceedings are underway in Ukraine in relation to dozens of cases of alleged embezzlement and theft of funds earmarked for the military. Nearly $500 million given to Kiev for the construction of “defensive fortifications” to repel Russia’s advance has been embezzled or stolen, media reported on Sunday, citing Bondar.

Ukrainian ruling class has unleashed its law enforcement arm to stop it from embezzling money from itself that is supposed to go to war-mongering.  Ukraine has now launched around 30 criminal proceedings linked to the embezzlement of 20 billion hryvnias ($491 million), Bondar told lawmakers at a closed-door session of the parliamentary investigative commission on fortifications, according to multiple media reports. In the absence of defensive fortifications, Russian forces have made rapid advances in the country.

Ruler Zelensky Buys A Luxury Mansion In Egypt

According to Ukrainian anti-corruption activists, Kharkiv Region authorities alone embezzled or stole 7 billion hryvnias ($176.5 million) that they had been given to build fortifications along the border. The lack of defenses has resulted in Russian troops overrunning a dozen settlements in quick succession. But to anyone paying attention, this is just another day for a ruling class. They only survive because they have convinced the slave class that the theft is called “tax”.

Don’t worry though, Ukraine will investigate itself much like the ruling classes everywhere.

The State Protects Itself While Crime Against Ordinary People Surges

The entire ruling class system set up on this planet couldn’t be more ridiculous, and it’s beginning to show. It’s becoming obvious what is being done to humanity, and slowly but surely, we will see the end of the totalitarian slave system. Politicians like Mikhail Bondar are only able to investigate the theft of war funds because they steal the fruits of the labor

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