Meet the Young Conservatives for Conservation: ‘Be Good Stewards of the Earth’

Updated: June 10, 2024 at 10:15 pm EST  See Comments

As debate goes on about climate change and the environment, a team of young conservatives is building a blueprint for the future through grassroots clean-up campaigns, while making an impact on Capitol Hill. 
The American Conservation Coalition (ACC) encourages conservatives to join the climate conversation while also leading clean up initiatives and restoration efforts in their own neighborhoods.
“Our goal is just getting young people involved, getting young people outside and showing them how beautiful it is,” said Dani Lindsay, the ACC’s state director in Florida. “Being the Christian Broadcasting Network, I’m sure you understand that God calls us to be good stewards of the earth—and that’s something conservatives should care about. A lot of conservatives are Christians, and we want to show them God’s beautiful creation.”

A recent poll by Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions finds that 81% of young Republicans under 35 see climate change as a serious issue and want to act. The bigger gap in conservation attitudes exists between political parties with data showing Democrats as three times more likely than Republicans to participate in those activities. 

Benji Backer, founder & chairman of the ACC and author of “The Conservative Environmentalist,” is working to change that. “In this era

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