Politics for People Who Hate Politics: New Book Offers Tips on How to Engage in a Christ-like Manner

Updated: February 8, 2024 at 6:14 pm EST  See Comments

With the 2024 presidential election just months away, new polling shows partisan divides growing deeper. In the wake of this division, one author offers a way to engage in this political brokenness in a manner worthy of Christ to hopefully change it for the better. 

Working in politics for more than 20 years, Denise Gitsham knows many Christians approach it much like the world does, as a blood sport.  In her book, Politics for People Who Hate Politics: How to Engage Without Losing Your Friends or Selling Your Soul

She offers tangible tips for how to lovingly engage without losing friends in the process.

“I really think the onus of unity starts within the body of Christ because we are the ones that are called to unite,” Gitsham told CBN News. 

She believes the Bible makes it clear this calling is non-negotiable. 

“There’s over 179 verses in scripture that speak to the importance of unity in the body of Christ and how we treat each other,” explained Gitsham. “That’s ground zero for what the world is watching and what our witness really is.”

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