Ray Comfort Corrects Record After Politico Targets His Ties to Speaker Johnson, Slams ‘Living Waters’

Updated: November 17, 2023 at 4:15 pm EST  See Comments

Evangelist Ray Comfort and his Christian organization Living Waters have been under fire in the media this week after Politico published a piece dubbing the group a “far-right organization” — all while calling out newly minted House Speaker Mike Johnson’s (R-La.) ties to Comfort and his work.

Comfort responded in an interview with CBN Digital, stating he was unsurprised by Politico’s handling of the story and that people are free to watch the videos for the full context and real story. He said persecution and such treatment of Johnson and Living Waters is “par for the course for any Christian.”

Listen to them on the latest episode of “Quick Start.”

The headline of the Politico article in question read, “Mike Johnson is a board member of a Christian publishing house that called ‘monkeypox’ a penalty for being gay.” The text itself went on to highlight Johnson’s role as a board member with Living Waters, and evidently attempted to make the connection seem troubling.

Comfort’s biblical views on homosexuality and abortion — among other issues — came under fire in the article, with these perspectives and some of his ministry videos and articles being summarized and presented through a secular media lens, one which

The remainder of this article is available in its entirety at CBN

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