‘Real Fire in My Heart’: Phil Wickham on God’s Calling, ‘Amazing Revival’ He Hopes Will Trample ‘Wickedness’

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Worship leader Phil Wickham is on a mission to “light people’s hearts up for Jesus” and to witness a revival in the church that ignites a sweeping passion for the Lord.

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The singer, who recently spoke with CBN News on the KLOVE Fan Awards red carpet, explained what motivates him to continue sharing his faith through music.

“The Lord has put a real fire in my heart to absolutely love creating songs that light people’s hearts up for Jesus, and, specifically, our new prayers that we can sing together as worship songs,” Wickham said. “It’s a calling, and sometimes it takes some sacrifice, being away from home, all that.”

The singer said making worship music people can sing to glorify God is an incredible “gift and responsibility,” one for which he’s immeasurably grateful.

Watch Wickham explain:

“I don’t take one moment of that lightly,” Wickham said. “My heart burns for those opportunities, and so I’m so thankful I can do it.”

The singer said he has no plans to stop anytime soon.

“I’ll be doing [it] as long as people want to sing them,” Wickham added.

He hopes to see the church

The remainder of this article is available in its entirety at CBN

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