‘Seeing God Do Miracles’: Rebecca St. James on the Power of Prayer, Trusting in the Lord

Updated: June 8, 2024 at 4:17 pm EST  See Comments

Singer Rebecca St. James has very literally seen God perform miracles.

As a result, the singer believes wholeheartedly in the power of prayer to change things, a theme embedded in “Unsung Hero,” a movie about her family’s journey.

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The film pays homage to the incredible ways God worked in her family’s life after her parents, David and Helen Smallbone, brought their family from Australia to America after losing everything, worked hard cleaning homes and doing yard work, and eventually landed record deals for Rebecca and her brothers, Joel and Luke (For KING & COUNTRY).

“It was such a dramatic time of us coming from Australia to the U.S., my dad losing everything, us living by faith, and praying, and seeing God do miracles,” St. James said. “It was a real world-changing time for our family, and it gave me a testimony.”

And St. James and her family are now sharing that testimony with the world, with “Unsung Hero” inspiring people across the U.S. and raking in over $20 million at the box office. Perhaps it’s the real-life grit captured in the film — the refusal to give up amid challenges and the trust in God

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