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Region: Published: January 10, 2018  Updated: January 26, 2018 at 9:22 am EST

The World Bank is now issuing a warning that the global economy is heading for a decade of gloom, in line with warnings being issued by the Eurasia Group who is stating that the world is facing a ‘big unexpected crisis’ in 2018.

“There is a sense in which financial markets appear to be complacent. That makes room for disruption when there are surprises – a repricing of risk,” said Franziska Ohnsorge, a World Bank economist.

The warning issued by Franziska Ohnsorge echoes prior institutions including Legal and General Asset Management, which both fear that the US economy will surge ahead before rate hikes break the bubble and cause a recession.

However, the World Bank is not the only group issuing such ‘dire’ warnings in fact, according to the Eurasia Group; “In the 20 years since we started Eurasia Group, the global environment has had its ups and downs,” Eurasia President Ian Bremmer and Chairman Cliff Kupchan wrote in the outlook. “But if we had to pick one year for a big unexpected crisis — the geopolitical equivalent of the 2008 financial meltdown — it feels like 2018. Sorry.”

Furthermore, the Eurasia Group also stated that “We aren’t on the brink of World War III, but absent a global security underwriter, and with a proliferation of subnational and non-state actors capable of destabilizing action, the world is a more dangerous place.”

In accordance with the World Bank and the Euro Group, similarly, The United Nations Secretary-General issued a ‘Red Alert’ for 2018. Mr. Guterres stated that the crises of the world are deepening. Further, the leader of the UN compared climate change to nuclear weapons and mentioned that nationalism and xenophobia are on the rise.

Transcript: Dear friends around the world, Happy New Year. When I took office one year ago, I appealed for 2017 to be a year for peace. Unfortunately – in fundamental ways, the world has gone in reverse. On New Year’s Day 2018, I am not issuing an appeal. I am issuing an alert — a red alert for our world. Conflicts have deepened and new dangers have emerged. Global anxieties about nuclear weapons are the highest since the Cold War. Climate change is moving faster than we are. Inequalities are growing. We see horrific violations of human rights. Nationalism and xenophobia are on the rise. As we begin 2018, I call for unity. I truly believe we can make our world more safe and secure. We can settle conflicts, overcome hatred and defend shared values. But we can only do that together. I urge leaders everywhere to make this New Year’s resolution: Narrow the gaps. Bridge the divides. Rebuild trust by bringing people together around common goals. Unity is the path. Our future depends on it. I wish you peace and health in 2018. Thank you. Shokran. Xie Xie. Merci. Spasiba. Gracias. Obrigado.

Previously the World Bank has issued similar warnings, in fact, in 2012 the globalist enterprise issued a ‘dire warning’ to developing nations that a growth slowdown would take place that year. Also, the World Bank warned in that same year, “the continued threat of a global financial shock “similar in magnitude to the Lehman crisis,” because of the possibility that a major European economy could be shut out of the global debt markets. In that case, the bank estimated the damage to the world’s economic growth would rival the recession of 2008 and 2009.”

Now, in 2018 the World Bank is stating that;

“Population growth has driven a substantial portion of GDP growth in recent decades, but this is now slowing. As a result, economic growth, and rising living standards will have to be driven by productivity growth in future if prosperity is to continue to emerge and poverty to be reduced.”

“It would be the slowest decade of potential growth since [the World Bank’s dataset began in] the mid-nineties,” Ohnsorge said, warning that this could have serious repercussions for investors and for borrowers.

“Currently nobody takes that into account because of the cyclical recovery. But cyclical recoveries get their own momentum and growth seems very strong.

“It is when growth fizzles out that there is a reassessment of growth prospects, which usually comes [with] a reassessment of debt sustainability, of any debts – sovereign, public, private.

“That is the risk, that markets suddenly reassess long-term growth prospects, and so debt sustainability of any borrower is weaker.”

However, according to the Eurasia Group the biggest concern this year is China. The Communist Nation’s return to a dictatorial style of governing, according to the Eurasia group, ‘is helping Xi Jinping to fill a global power vacuum created by US President Donald Trump’s move away from Washington-led multilateralism.’

“For most of the West, China is not an appealing substitute,” Eurasia said. “But for most everybody else, it is a plausible alternative. And with Xi ready and willing to offer that alternative and extend China’s influence, that’s the world’s biggest risk this year.”

According to the World Bank, the Eurasia Group, and The United Nations Secretary-General, 2018 is fixing to be an interesting and ‘dire’ year. However, the globalist mouthpieces have issued such warnings before, as displayed above. Time will tell what 2018 turns out to be.

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Dennis Richardson
Dennis Richardson
6 years ago

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, HE will direct Donald Trump what to do to stop this evil from happening. JUBILEE Jesus Christ will deliver the Jubilee that HE prophesied in the Nazareth Synagogue so long ago Isaiah 61 into Luke 4

Ben Franklin
Ben Franklin
6 years ago

Well if we are facing a ‘big unexpected crisis’ then it must be expected. The fact of the matter is that almost every central bank of almost every nation is over leveraged and trading in derivatives and high risk bonds and are in debt equivalent to 2x or more of their GNP. When the currencies collapse, the World Bank will try to claim the Special Drawing Rights currency as a replacement to the dollar and here we go, this sets the stage for the NWO and the Beast draws nigh.