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Apathy is not a virtue

Apathy is "unseen," yet rampant in the church. The problems of backslidden mentality-a lack of concern and involvement-are happening in the church. Giving is...

Sinner saved by Grace

It is sobering and encouraging to consider that God calls us, the members of his family, to be holy (without sin), and that he...

Will the real church stand up?

Will the real Christian please stand up? Will those who aren't afraid to expose the wolves in the pulpit stand up? Will the men...

Remores is not Repentance

You feel bad but you don't change? Regret and remorse have consequences, but do not necessarily address the wrong-doing of those consequences. People get...

Wheats vs Tares

We all know what wheat is but what are tares? It is a grain that resembles wheat, but has no value. In fact the...

Go and Sin no More

What if Jesus actually meant what he said when he said to go and sin no more? Within the community of believers there is...

Are you a fake Christian?

It absolutely saddens and disgusts me by the amount of fake Christians in Christianity. Most people who call themselves Christians in America will be...

Be Christlike not just “Christian”

Do you ever feel like you are just going through the motions of being a Christian? Being a Christian isn’t like wearing a winter...

My children wanted to talk about Adam and Eve

Tonight Juli and Luke wanted to talk to you all about Adam and Eve Hannah Kerr has given Warriors for Christ permission to use...

Meeting With Facebook Policy team

We had a meeting with Facebook's Policy team today about censorship and Bias against Christians. Hannah Kerr has given Warriors for Christ permission to...

Go and Sin No More

If Christ were walking the earth today preaching the same things He was preaching back in His day, people would be flying off the...

False Love doctrine

There are so many false ideas about what love is today. There is perhaps no word in the English language that has been more...

Love is Love, Not Really

We all hear and see the phrase love is love right? It's everywhere and anyone who disagrees is a hateful bigot right? Let's exam...

Mark of the beast

In this video we present scriptural evidence for a literal mark that will be stamped on humans during the tribulation. We are a precursor...

Spiritual Authority

A solid understanding of spiritual authority is essential to build up your faith when you cast out demons, heal the sick, and exercise your...

Fuego Volcano Erupts in Guatemala Killing At Least 25, Injuring At Least 300

Fuego Volcano Erupts in Guatemala Killing At Least 25, Injuring At Least 300

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone

One of the most misapplied and misunderstood verses in the bible is the “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” This...

Grow up Church

If you think that repentance from your sins and accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior is the only meaning of “being a Christian,”...

Outrageous: Art Exhibit Constituents Partake in Eating Life-Sized ‘Jesus Christ’ Cake

A Minister in Argentina issued an apology after posting an appalling display of mockery towards the Christian faith. - Support the Official Street...

What! Church in Oregon Sued For Not Hosting LGBT Event in Church Building

A business is suing a Church in Oregon because the Church denied them access to utilize a Church facility, which the Church owns. The...

Welcome to the Future: Amazon Partnered with Law Enforcement to create a Nightmarish Reality

Amazon has partnered with law enforcement to create a nightmarish reality, one that entails the tracking of each person as if they are a...

Third World California: Where Elitism Thrives Homelessness Becomes an Epidemic

'Third World' California: Oprah Winfrey's Studio in West Hollywood is Surrounded by Homeless People -

Maryland Hit By Catastrophic Flash Flooding, Second Time in Two Years

Over the weekend, the streets of Ellicott City, Maryland turned rapidly into raging rivers. Thunderstorms unleashed two months worth of rain in less than...

China – Where Christians Are Hunted

The acts of the Communist Regime under Xi Jinping in China are increasingly becoming comparable to the atrocities that the Mao dynasty committed against...

Pope Francis Reportedly Supports Homosexuality in Latest Rebuke of Scripture

Pope Francis reportedly supports homosexuality

This Week in News: EU Seeks to Replace the USA, Katy Perry, Catholic Church,...

See the Stories: This week in news brought to you by the Official Street Preachers. Featuring the top stories of the week from...

‘This Is Insane’: California Bill Would Replace Lincoln or Washington’s Birthday With ‘May Day’

California To Replace Lincoln or Washington's Holiday with 'International Socialist Workers Day,' 'May Day' -

Iran wants to destroy Israel

War in Syria: Iran, Israel Escalations Spark Global Concern over a Deepening Crisis in the Middle East -

This Week in News – Alerts for America, Breakthroughs for the Country

Top News from the Official Street Preachers -

Cast your cares on the Lord! Prayer for Release and Transformation in Jesus

Will you join me in prayer on the National Day of Prayer? God bless you. For a written version see below:

Former NXIVM member says she was branded when invited to secret sorority- Part 1

The despicable actions by this cult get even worse... go to for more information - video by ABC News

MSNBC guest says If Mike Pence became president, ‘he’d force all homosexuals into concentration...

MSNBC Hosts Guest That Says if Mike Pence Were President 'he'd force all homosexuals into concentration camps'

Welcome to San Fransisco

Drug Users Take Over Corridors Of San Francisco Civic Center BART Station - CBS SFBayArea

Word for Today- Jesus is your Fulfillment

Hi everyone! Gods promises tell us that Jesus is our fulfillment, in our word for today we read the scriptures that expand on this...

Word for Today- Jesus is your Security

Hi everyone! Gods promises tell us that Jesus is our sufficiency, in our word for today we read the scriptures that expand on this...

Word for Today- Jesus is your sufficiency

Hi everyone! Gods promises tell us that Jesus is our sufficiency, in our word for today we read the scriptures that expand on this...

Word for Today- Jesus is your Guardian

Hi everyone! Gods promises tell us that Jesus is our guardian, in our word for today we read the scriptures that expand on this...

Word for Today- Jesus is your Brother

Hi everyone! Gods promises tell us that Jesus is our brother, in our word for today we read the scriptures that expand on this...

Pentagon Statement on Strikes in Syria

Pentagon: U.S. allied strike set back Syrian chemical weapons program 'for years'

Antifa Communists To Spark ‘Revolution’ on November 4th – Won’t End Until Trump/Pence Overthrown

Antifa, the militant leftist organization, is actively calling for the overthrow of a United States President coupled with calls for violence on city streets.
old glory

With A Nation Divided One Weatherman Rescues Old Glory – “Make Sure This Isn’t...

Hours prior to Hurricane Harvey, America was immensely divided and becoming increasingly polarized. However, one weatherman symbolically picked up old glory and showed that...

Wire: Don’t Miss This Bombshell – The Plan To Usurp Americanism Exposed – The...

Tonight on the Wire, the events that unfolded at Charlottesville fully exposed, in addition, the plan to usurp Americanism exposed. The forces of communism are actively trying to overthrow freedom in America, all while destroying history. Also, Salon published an article fully detailing the DNC leak last year and Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who oversaw the botched investigation of Hillary Clinton's email case, has now stepped down from Special Counsel Mueller's team. All that, and so much more tonight on The Wire!

Wire: North Korean Nukes Linked To Ukraine, Charlottesville Exposed, Baal Arch Resurfaces

Tonight on the Wire, North Korea backs down from threats to attack Guam, plus the truth about just where Korea acquired its nuclear weapons....

Wire: ‘The Event’ Approaches, is a Third World War Soon To Break? Trump’s Latest...

Tonight on the Wire, a mysteriously timed FEMA event draws the question do they know something we don't? Donald Trump's latest remarks regarding North Korea brings out the question, are we soon to witness the second Korean war? All that and so much more tonight on The Wire.

Wire: The Inevitable Outcome of The Korean Crisis, Irrefutable Proof Surfaces of Simple Bible...

Will the United States go to war with North Korea? How much has changed within the last twenty-four hours in regards to the North Korean crisis, find out more tonight on the Wire. Also, Biblical truths are being confirmed by archeologists across the globe... All that and so much more, tonight on the Wire.

Wire: Christians, Time to ‘Tuck Tail and Run’ or Be Bold in The Word...

Christians in America are recognizing the new American reality - Christianity is no longer the dominant religion, rather atheism is taking root...

Wire: Communist China is Rising, North Korean Crisis, Disney is Spying on Customers with...

Tonight on the Wire, China seeks to replace the United States on the World Stage as Xi Jinping thirsts for global power, can the communist nation avoid the Thucydides trap?

Wire: Wars and Rumors of Wars, Christians Are Being Forced to Close Down Shops...

Tonight on The Wire, experts uncover more Biblical evidence, the United States Senate approved Russian sanctions that could lead to a trade war with the European Union. Christians are being forced to shutter their shops because of the LGBTQ community, all that and so much more tonight on The Wire.

Wire: Scientists Attempt To Alter Life and The Climate, The UN Unleashes Plan To...

Tonight on the Wire, Scientists are attempting to alter life's building blocks, DNA, and trying to commercialize climate control. Also, masculinity is under assault, in the West, sperm count in men is down by over 60% in just 40 years. Planned Parenthood releases guidelines that establish gender and Trump rebukes transgenderism in the military. All that and so much more, tonight on The Wire.

Wire: Archeologists Discover Clues in Search For The ‘Ark of the Covenant,’ US Company...

Tonight on the Wire, archeologists in the hunt for the Ark of the Covenant find artifacts that could portray the actual location, a leading psychiatrist at John Hopkins University claims that transgenderism is a mental illness. Also, a Wisconsin Company will be the first to offer RFID implants to employees, all that and so much more tonight on The Wire.